King Bridge. Launceston. Tasmania Holiday September 2015.

Tasmania Holiday 2015

Taking the car on the ferry was a wonderful new experience, and enjoying driving around Tasmania in our own car. 

Tasmania Bound

A trip to Tasmania beckoned and so we had our own car to drive it was decided to take the ferry, The Spirit of Tasmania. We did the day crossing for something different and it’s a long time on a ferry (more than ten hours). There is a cinema but this is extra at full cinema prices. There is also an electronic games room and TV’s are everywhere plus many different lounges to explore. There are a number of eateries, but the best food is the main cafeteria. Other choices include a small grocery shop (sandwiches) and a handful of bars (mainly sandwiches).

The boys found “Disco Bingo” to be quite fun, and I found a few songs I’d never heard of. 

We got to Devonport at around 8pm. Then we drove to Launceston. One drawback of a day sail is that you miss out on the nearby scenery. Our return is an overnight run on the ferry.

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