Crossing the Goulbourn River. Great Victoria Rail Trail, Yea to Alexandra. January 2018. Photo: Kyle Eaton

Great Victorian Rail Trail

Our rides along the Great Victorian Rail Trail, which makes its way from Tallarook to Mansfield, plus a shorter branch to Alexandra. 

Yea to Alexandra

14th January 2018

This time with Kyle and my year old Merida Big 9 bike. The path surface had been changed from the fine yellow gravel last time to a more coarser dark gray material. Unpleasant to ride on I wish I had the large off road tyres fitted instead of the narrower road/trail tyres. I got a puncture about 1km from Cheviot Tunnel on the way back.

According to the ride website the trip we did is for “advanced riders”, so we both felt proud we’d completed over 80km for the day. Scenery highlights include crossing the Goulburn River and riding through the cutting approaching Alexandra. A ride well worth doing.

Yea to Cheviot Tunnel

10th July 2013

We joined the Laidlays on a very cold 3C day from Yea to Cheviot Tunnel via the Goulburn River High Country Rail Trail. A fantastic way to get out with your bike. Grades were not steep but they were very long. It was a quick return to Yea, and cold!

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