Private Transport

A collection of cars and bikes that I’ve owned and used over the years. Some great and some not so great. 

Holden Torana

My first car, a Holden Torana. Not the fast version, but the less powerful four cylinder 1900cc version.

It was nice inside, with a cream vinyl interior. The “hand brake” was operated by a small foot pedal on the left. It was released by rotating a knob, but over time it could no longer grab its shaft and the brake had to be released by pushing a lever immediately behind the dashboard; and this made it a kind of anti-theft device as those who weren’t familiar with it couldn’t release the brake.

The high and low beam was switched with a small foot button near the clutch pedal. I loved this method as you could dip your lights when turning corners, with the modern way of using a steering wheel stick it’s easy to miss dipping as you turn.

The car met its end around 1985 when I was going down the hill down Inglis Road heading towards Beaconsfield Upper. I was over taking a car (no double lines back then) and a left turning vehicle pulled out of Manuka Road onto my over taking lane. I couldn’t stop completely and the collision did enough damage to write the old car off.

Ford Cortina

photo-050-1500pxThis was a fun car but difficult to stop the engine pinging. This car featured factory fitted driving lights and a manual wound sun roof. It was great in summer but otherwise it wasn’t used much.

As for the Torana there were lots of rust problems, mainly in the boot rather than in the windscreen frame like the Torana.

Honda CL250s

HondaCL250-01-1500pxMy first and only motorbike. It was a road and trail bike with the unique feature of an extra low gear accessed by pulling in a small lever adjacent to the clutch lever. This was great when climbing steep bush tracks. Once I had to lie the bike down and rotate it to return from a track that got too steep.

I really enjoyed owning a motorcycle, you just feel so free riding the countryside with no car pillars to block the view.

Honda make great bikes with engines that tick over nicely. I really enjoyed my short period of being a motorcycle owner.

Nissan Gazelle

252-32-1500pxOnce owned by my mum this car had a nice 80’s look but it was under powered with a four cylinder 2 litre engine. Once Super fuel was replaced by the lower octane rating “unleaded” fuel its performance got worse.

The pop up headlights were an interesting feature. Sometimes the position detection switch would short out causing them to go up and down continuously when they were switched off. The only way to stop it was to set the “lights up” to up. The headlights would stay up and they could be turned off.

Twin spark plugs for each cylinder was a useless feature that just made servicing more expensive.

I did like how the dashboard lit up at night and the sun roof was a fun feature. It did corner very well, but it tended to look better than it drove once “super” petrol was no longer available.

Subaru Outback

The Subaru Outback on a road through beautiful Canola fields.

The Subaru Outback on a road through beautiful Canola fields.

My only car bought new, purchased in 2001 when Kyle was only one, it’s still a great car to drive and own.

Like the Nissan Gazelle it has proven very reliable and being all wheel drive it feels secure on the road.

It’s been ear-marked for when Kyle gets his licence but after playing Forza on the Xbox One he now wants an Impreza.