Front Entrance. Pine Lodge Hotel, Inverloch.

Pine Lodge Motel, Inverloch

The Pine Lodge Motel at Inverloch Pine Lodge Private Hotel was opened in 1930 with luxury accommodation, entertainment and sporting activities including a nine hole golf course, two tennis courts and horse riding.

Designed as a country club it continued to run until 1981 attracting the social elite from Melbourne. Pine Lodge had the first telephone in Inverloch and a 33 yard sea water swimming pool (when built, the largest private swimming pool in Australia).

For five years during WW2 it was used as a Naval Hospital. It was demolished in 1985.

Final Years

The fourth image shows the Pine Lodge Motel awaiting its fate. Taken around the late 1980’s in a very derelict state and awaiting demolition. There are a number of obvious additions since it was first built. The wing and building to the left of the picture would have been added when the Motel was providing wounded soldier accommodation during the war.


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