Hanimex X101

This camera was a prize from a competition where you had to answer a question creatively in so many words. At the time I was using my Agfa Isolette I. It was won when I was in Grade 6 at Beaconsfield Upper Primary School during 1974.

Baby Brownie

The camera, that in the early 70’s when I was in the later years of primary school at Hampton Park,  introduced me to photography, the Baby Brownie from Kodak. I don’t know who owned it originally but it was a fun thing to get. I could now take photos!

School Days (Glenn)

Class photos from prep to Form 2 (year 8). After Form 2 I moved to Haileybury College and the only class photos you got is the entire “house” photo, consisting of about 100 students , published in the end of year school magazine. Your face ends up being a few printed dots!