About the Eaton Family Gallery

Welcome to the family website galleries

Due to changes in technology there have been some changes to the gallery. Welcome to the third major change to my family website. 

Three new sites have been set up.

photos.eatonfamily.website A new gallery which uses the Koken CMS. Koken is great for photos, it makes excellent use of the meta data of each image; making searches useful.
eatonfamily.website  A new WordPress powered site. This will show the smaller photo collections, and a blog.
gallery.eatonfamily.website  My first online photo collection using Gallery 3 (no longer supported). This is an upgrade of the integrated Gallery 2 component that was part of the Drupal 6 website.

Gallery and Website History

The first one replaced my personal one at Optusnet and it featured a basic gallery.

The second one was done with Drupal 6 and with integration of the Gallery 2 CMS things were going great; until one day.

Drupal 6 End of Life

The update page first indicated that Drupal had some life left and some days later the End of Life.

The update page first indicated that Drupal had some life left and some days later the End of Life.

One day I checked the update report on the Drupal site and there was a page of red panels showing every plugin I had was no longer supported.

Even worse Drupal 6 itself had reached its “end of life” and it was no longer being supported.

Like Joomla upgrading to a major Drupal version would need to be done manually, copying and pasting each article, page and goodness knows what else. Drupal 8 didn’t even want to install; the message said a file was missing! Not happy as errors like this should not be in a near production release.

At this point I made the decision to move to WordPress; with its ease of upgrading, adding content and adding images; plus the huge number of themes and plugins available.


The gallery has been moved from Gallery 2 to a new one using Gallery 3 and it can be viewed here. Support for Gallery 2 finished years ago and sadly the Gallery Project team is taking a break but it looks like it will be wound up for good. Upgrading to Gallery 3 was easy thanks to a module and it’s mostly an intact copy of the old gallery I had installed.

As for the previous gallery some photos are restricted for privacy reasons. To have full access please send a request to glenn3095@gmail.com

NextGen Gallery

I started building a gallery using NextGen gallery but the photo presentation isn’t the best. For albums with a lot of photos the user can’t use the slide show function for all without clicking to the next page that comes before the slide show. The images can be slow to load, which isn’t the fault of NextGen, but it shows nothing the user that anything is happening.

So I am not convinced that NextGen will be usable for all albums. It will be fine for smaller galleries like those accompanying a post but for larger albums I need an alternative.

A recent update in 2016 caused a few problems with NextGen so it won’t be used. Instead I will stick with WordPress’s built in gallery and limit it to smaller and personal photo collections.

Koken, A Photographer’s CMS

Graham Fisk had the same problem and wrote a great article about it. He looked at two alternatives, Piwigo and Koken. He chose Koken for his gallery. After taking a look at both I chose Koken too. The presentation is great and you can customise your pages to suit. The new Koken based gallery is slowly and progressively being set up.

Post/Article Restoration

Now that I’m using a CMS made for writing restoring the old posts and creating new posts/articles will be less pain and time. Expect to see them appear soon.

The Bluff walk views, at Inverloch.

The Bluff walk views, at Inverloch.