Agfa Isolette. Note the controls on the front of the lens. A button on top would release the lens and the bellows would pop out.


A look at the gear I’ve owned to do one of my favourite hobbies, photography!

My Cameras

Pentax Optio E40

Glenn2-Jun-20071 min read

Bought on 8th December 2007 to replace the Fujifilm FinePix2400Zoom. 10943

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Fujifilm FinePix2400Zoom

Glenn2-Jun-20021 min read

My first digital camera bought around May 2002. It’s first trip was the Mathoura and Echuca break. It went well until I ran out of card space.

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Ricoh Shotmaster Ultra Zoom Super Date

Glenn2-Jun-19931 min read

This rather long named camera was bought in December 1993 to allow photos to be taken quickly without the fuss of the SLR. This camera was easy to use all…

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Practica LTL 3

Glenn2-Jun-19791 min read

Bought when I was in Year 11 (aka Form 5 in 1979) this was my introduction to 35mm SLR photography. This was a great reliable camera which saw many years…

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